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Transforming school education for the 21st century.

Together we can transform our old school into the 'new school' of the 21st century

Start building a 'New School'  System

Right now, our society and world are rapidly transforming.

The way young people learn is changing, new ways of teaching are emerging and the needs of business are changing too.

We wanted to take the very best of our Old School system and combine this with new world thinking to help the next wave of young people.

For policy makers, this is about finding better ways to support teachers, principals and industry to create the right spaces, choices and opportunities for the next generation of young people

For the business community, this is about creating workplaces that foster innovation and life-long learning

For our dedicated teachers, this is about helping educators grow their professional skills, share their knowledge and demonstrate what is possible for our schools.

For young people, this is about having their voices heard and sharing what they need to move into work, further study and adult life.

We want your ideas, insights and feedback so that, together, we can build the New School system of the future.

7 Features of a New School system

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6 Ideas to start building a 'new school' system

Pilot proven teaching and learning approaches across multiple schools at once

Publish data tracking student progress and outcomes post school

Revamp the HSC to set all students on the right pathway to work.

Recognise teachers and support their development through professional learning hubs

Ensure every child in every school has support services they need to learn and thrive, including careers advice and mentoring for high risk students

Integrate and measure enterprise skills from Year 9 on

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7 Features of a New School system

The 7 Features of a New School system.